secure, substantial, quality supply of beef for the emerging world


Crescent's parent company, Sweetwater, will license to Crescent's projects a suite of technologies it has acquired or has access to through teaming agreements. These include systems to improve irrigation for crops and feed, as well as advanced reproductive technologies, such as artificial insemination (AI) and embryonic transfer (ET).   The advanced reproductive techniques allow Crescent Cattle to cross breed from indigenous cattle that bring environmental tolerance with Western cattle that have superior attributes for weight gain. The resulting animal will outperform local animals and historical expectations.

However, leading technology and superior genetics are not enough. As with anything living, nature is half the equation. Nurture, the caring for the animals, is as important.  To address this, Crescent manages its projects using Sweetwater's implementaiton division, Frontier Agri-Solutions & Training, or FAST. FAST assembles teams of Subject Matter Experts (SME) to provide management while integrating technology and practices such as nutrition, vaccination, stress management, and facilities optimization. These "FAST Teams" provide on-site management for Crescent's operations.