secure, substantial, quality supply of beef for the emerging world


Crescent Cattle’s parent company, Sweetwater, has an implementation division to manage its projects called Frontier Agri-Solutions & Training, or FAST.  FAST Teams are multi-disciplined, complementary trainers, skilled in all aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry, and well the latest equipment and practices for ranching, processing, farming, milking, and genetic improvement.   These Team Members have spent careers in industry, academia, and real world applications of their science and skills.

FAST Team Technical Partners (TP) add unique technology and proprietary practices relevant allow Sweetwater's FAST Team to implement its solution for the investors. For the Tanzania project, Sweetwater has integrated land management, training, and genetic improvement Technical Partners to execute under Sweetwater's project management.  All Crescent Cattle projects will be managed by FAST. For more information visit


Technical Partners

Integrated technical partners to implement solutions.